How we work

The Whelping Shop  is one stop destination for smart buyers. We deliver our customers with an amazing range of Whelping and Grooming supplies for breeders and groomers that are high on quality. We believe that, to become a successful breeder or whelper, quality supplies is a must. What else could be the best platform than This idea began when a group of breeders came together to create a platform for their fellow colleagues. This is a destination for breeders and groomers as we believe that “don’t just be Breeder/Groomer, but Be Smart, and buy SMART”.


Once you are on our website, you will see the SHOP button which takes you to the page where our products are displayed. 

    On the SHOP page, you will see the various categories under which our products are classified. From the categories, you can easily identify the product(s) which you want. Once you have found and added your product(s) to the cart, at the extreme top right side of the page, you will find the cart icon which takes you to the CART page. 

   The CART page contains your chosen product(s). On this page, if you a coupon code you will find the space to input and update your cart. On the CART page, you will find the PROCEED TO CHECK OUT button which takes you to the CHECKOUT  page. 

On the CHECKOUT page, you are required to input correctly all of your details and also to choose your preferred method of payment. Please make sure to input correctly your details because this is required to get back to you after your order is received and it will also be used for delivery. 



Once we have received your order, we will check and make sure what you have ordered for is available and ready to be shipped to you. After this we will contact you either by call, email or text using the details you provided to give you the details and directories you need to do payment. 

The payment methods we accept within the USA are PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, World Remit and Bitcoin.  

Within the UK, we Accept PayPal, Bitcoin and World Remit

Any country other than the USA and the UK, we accept PayPal, World Remit and Bitcoin. 


Once we have confirmed your payment, your package will be shipped to the provided address within the next 24 hours. Please make sure the provided shipping address is correct so as to avoid shipping your order  to the wrong address. 

Once we have received your order, we will get back to you with the total amount you are required to pay which includes your shipping fee. Cost of shipping vary with different products and location. Hence in case you wish to know the cost of your shipping before placing your order, you can give us a call/text or send a message on our live chat or WhatsApp buttons at the bottom left and right section of our website. 

Not all products are shipped within 24 hours after payment is confirmed, but maximum is 4 days after payment is made.