Balanced cal




Balanced Cal is a balanced calcium and phosphorus supplement for dogs and cats. Suitable for all stages of life including pregnancy and lactation. Corrects the calcium/phosphorus balance in meat and cereal diets.

Dogs/Cats: 1 measure (4g) per 500g of meat fed.
Horses: Grain diet: 1 measure (4g) /400g of grain-fed. Bran diet: 2 measures (8g) per 400 g of brand fed.

Withholding period (Racing): Do not administer to greyhounds within 72 hours of racing.

Pack sizes: 250g


Balanced Cal Powder – Each Kg contains 363g calcium (as 50mg calcium carbonate), 13g phosphorus (as sodium tripolyphosphate) and 2mg cholecalciferol (80,000 iu Vitamin D3).



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