Digital Humidity System for the Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator ICU


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Digital Humidity system for the Lifeline Pet Supplies Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator ICU with Slide-N-Lock technology


  • The Digital Humidity System for the Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator ICU allows you to add precise humidity to our new incubators
  • Provides the new Slide-N-Lock technology found on our new incubators
  • Humidity is critical in an incubator to keep babies from dehydrating
  • We have simplified this process with our complete humidity system – Now color-coded to our incubators
  • You simply plug in our humidity system per instructions, fill the water reservoir with distilled water & you are ready to add humidity to the incubator
  • The flexible and expandable tubing allows you to place the humidity system up to 5 feet away from your unit
  • When using our incubator you simply plug the tubing into the humidity port on the side of the incubator (front right closest to the door) – connections provided

Please Note:

  • The humidity pump system has an auto shutoff protection that will shut down the pump if you run out of water
  • This will prevent the motor from running dry and burning up


  • 1 – Digital Humidity Controller Box with Slide-N-Lock technology 110-120v (color-coded connections & fused power connection)
  • 1 – Humidity Pump with fill bottle, tubing, and attachments. (Pump has auto shutoff protection)

Warranty Information:

  • *Humidity pump is covered by manufacturer warranty only*

Please note:

  • You should only use distilled water in the humidity pump
  • You may void the manufacturers’ warranty if you use any other water source or additives to this unit


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