F10 Disinfectant Hand Rub 100ml


The F10 Disinfectant Hand Rub combines the best of both worlds – F10 kill and contact time, and the usefulness of the quick-drying formula. No water is required to use F10 Disinfectant Hand Rub, it disinfects your hands and dries within 60 seconds.



F10 Disinfectant Hand Rub 100ml is a slightly viscous liquid disinfectant that requires no water. It disinfects your hands and then dries on them within 60 seconds. Used where clean hands are required but access to water and proper antimicrobial hand soap is not always available. Ideal for companion animal and reptile breeders who continually move between enclosures.

Because F10 Disinfectant Hand Rub has lower alcohol content than many other sanitisers means that it is superior in not drying out skin. Ideal for use by people working in situations where washbasins are not present, for entry points to designated clean manufacturing areas, and to assure good biosecurity in animal production facilities.

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