IdentaPup Leads


IdentaPup Leads match perfectly with the IdentaPup Safety ID Collars. Send your puppies to their new homes with a matching set of collar and lead. Even better, start their lead-training with IdentaPup Leads and Identapup ID Collars before they go to their forever homes.


IdentaPup Safety ID Collars are perfect for young puppies. Use them from 4-12 weeks of age as a progression from initial velcro ID collars. Our adjustable ID collars are developed with breeders in mind.

  • 123cm length
  • Available in 2 widths
  • Comes in a set of 12 (12 different colours)
  • Durable and soft
  • Hand and machine washable (40ºC cycle)
  • Helps puppies become accustomed to being on a lead
  • Great for sending puppies home with
  • Matching collars available


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