Miracle Nipple Original

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Developed with animals and the caregiver in mind, this nipple is truly the “Next best thing to mom”! Miracle Nipple Original is designed for small to medium sized suckling mammals, with a pre-made hole, superior flexibility, and the ease of use due to the fact that it will fit either Luer Lock (any size) or Slip Tip syringes (up to 3ml).


Miracle Nipple will far outlast other nipples with less chance of small sharp teeth piercing the nipple. They have also been designed to alleviate the chance of an animal swallowing the entire nipple. This Miracle Nipple has a kneading pad for the animals to knead with their small paws as they would naturally do while nursing on their mother. We know you’ll be as excited about this nipple as we are. Made with care in the USA.

The Miracle Nipples fit snugly and securely onto the end of Luer Lock syringes, therefore making it easy to know the exact amount a puppy has fed. The Miracle Nipples are also compatible with most small animal nurser bottles. This includes our 60ml and 120ml Bottles (with 3 Silicone Teats) as well as the PetAg 60ml/2oz Bottles.

The Miracle Nipple Original is available in two options:

  • Set of 2, with 1x 3ml silicone o-ring luer lock syringe
  • Pack of 10, with 1x 3ml silicone o-ring luer lock syringe

You can also try out our Miracle Nipple Sampler pack if you are unsure if Original or Mini is the best for you. Extra syringes in a variety of sizes are also available.

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Miracle Nipple Original

Pack of 2, Pack of 10


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