Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator ICU


  • Vet Bedding absorbent pads and attachments are purchased separately
  •  We recommend adding the optional Digital Humidity System for puppies kittens wildlife or anytime dehydration my be a risk or precise humidity control is needed
  •  1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  •  Can be used with or without an oxygen concentrator or tank
  •  Delivery Signature Required
  •  Ships in 1-3 business days due to order volume
  •  Uses the same heating technology as the $1000 models


Product Information –

Puppy Kitten Pet Incubator ICU Housing

BPA free, acid-free, PVC free, lignin free, and recycle #5 safe for puppies, kittens, etc.
Lightweight design utilizes a two-part assembly
The tray has 2 locking mechanisms on each side and is easy to clean/sterilize
PTC Forced Air Heater Fan

PTC forced air heater fan distributes heat evenly throughout the incubator.
PTC forced air heater fan design pulls in filtered room air, heats, then circulates internally
Because of the circulating fresh air, there is virtually no chance of carbon dioxide build-up
The forced air technology used in this unit is similar to that of units priced 2-3 times higher
Heater Fan Protection

A stainless steel guard sterile dipped in black covers heat/electrical/fan parts inside
Digital Temperature Controller Box

Automatically controls the internal environment temperature within 0.1F/0.1C
Independent heating and cooling controls
Built-In Low and High audible alarm that can be set to your liking or disabled
Clear and precise instructions are printed on the top of the controller for quick reference
Slide-n-Lock controller box design makes controllers easy to remove if needed
Lighted on/off power switch with fuse and spare fuse included for electrical protection
6-foot power cord with US Style plug
Overheat Filtered Protection Fan

Filtered overheat protection fan provides the capability to protect the unit from overheating
Independent control over air circulation for the animals placed inside as they get older
Can allow an increase in the number of air exchanges in the unit
Can be used to dehumidify when animals inside are nearing the end of the incubation period
Please Note – Using the fan for dehumidification is only an option when purchasing the add-on digital humidity system (purchased separately)

Filtered Fan Guards

Dual filtered fan guards filter outside air protecting the unit from dust and contaminants
Finger or paw guards cover the fans both inside and out
Built-In Cup Holders

Two foldable adjustable cup holders located on the back wall
Allows use of a cup(s) of water with a sponge or rag inside for humidity
Humidor jars can be used that will evaporate and help to manually control humidity
Please note – the cup holder method using two cups of water with a sponge or rag inside may work for some applications and environments depending upon the individual animals’ needs and how well the unit is able to evaporate the water into the air. For most environments and newborn animals such as puppies and kittens, humidity is a critical component in keeping the animal healthy as low humidity levels can lead to dehydration. We recommend purchasing the add-on digital humidity system as it allows precise digital control of the internal humidity level and ensures that the animal inside will not dehydrate. Generally, the unit should only be used without humidity for desert-type climate animals such as snakes or lizards where humidity is not critical and they are not at risk for dehydration.

Humidity Connection Port

Humidity connection port is found on the right-hand side closest to the door
Allows connection to tubing from the pump included in the digital humidity system (purchased separately).
The black plug can easily be removed so you can connect directly to the humidity pump or you can also just remove the black plug for additional air circulation as needed.
Nebulizer Connection Port

Used with our Nebulizer Connection Pack and Nebulizer pump (both purchased separately)
Allows you to connect a nebulizer pump to the machine utilizing it as a nebulizing chamber
Please read the Nebulizer section of the add-on items for more information regarding nebulizers and their use.

Oxygen Connection Port

This port is plugged as not all users will need to provide supplemental oxygen to the unit
You may purchase a 2-way oxygen connection if you choose to use the unit with an oxygen concentrator (a 2-way oxygen connector is an add-on option and is now purchased separately)
Set of Instructions broken down by component as follows:

Incubator instructions – (Provides detailed information regarding how to set up the incubator with links to our Learning Center videos)
Digital Temperature Instructions – (Provides precise instructions on using the controller including changing temperature and internal parameters)
Digital Humidity Controller & Setup Instructions (Digital Humidity System – Purchased Separately) – (Provides precise instructions on using the controller and setting up the digital humidity system, tubing, and attachments purchased separately).
*The connections and cords for the incubator, humidity pump, and connections are color-coded and/or marked for ease of use and error-free installation!

Please Note: This incubator is not designed to “cool” it is not an air conditioner. It is designed to heat and is mainly used for newborn animals who cannot regulate their own body temperature. The recommended time frame for keeping animals in the incubator is 10-14 days. Animals older than this are putting off their own body temperature which will drastically affect how the unit functions. Placing adult animals inside the unit with the babies is not recommended. The unit is not capable of cooling under the room temperature it is kept in. Animals that are regulating their own body temperature will make the internal temperature rise and will affect the internal temperature the unit can cool down to. Please see the tab labeled ‘Manuals and Instructions’ for additional information on recommended temperature, oxygen, and humidity settings.

Additional Information: Bedding, pads, and additional attachments can be purchased here on our website at the time of purchase or separately. We are no longer including bedding with the purchase so it allows the user to choose their choice of bedding.


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