PVC Whelping Box.


The listed price is for the smallest size “3×3”. If you wish to order for a bigger PVC Whelping box, please visit our  CONTACT US page and fill the form provided. Once we have received your message, we will get back to you through the email or phone number you provided so please make sure to provide an active email or phone number. You can also contact us through our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM for quick response.


The PVC Professional Whelping Box is simple to clean and keep clean.  FDA approved, a common material for window and door profiles, pipes and fittings, roofing and ceiling systems, etc. is UV resistant and will not rust, stain or discolor.  Unlike wood and other plastic whelping boxes, the PVC whelping box has no cracks, crevices, porous or painted surfaces to retain contamination.

Quality solid materials along with unique hook and slot connectors and a lightly textured removable surface make cleanup a breeze.  Easily wipes clean with a rag and sanitizing solution and when disassembled can be quickly cleaned and sanitized with a power washer.  There are no plastic welds, hidden slots, fasteners, or corrugations that capture and retain contamination.

Assembly requires no tools and no fasteners.  No small parts to insert while aligning bulky components.  No Velcro to wear out or replace.  No adhesive or painting is required.

Simply align, insert, and slide into position the unique hook and slot joints in the corners. Once assembled, our whelping box can be lifted as an assembly and moved for cleaning or relocation.

The PVC whelping box has a ‘no bottom’ design which allows for your choice of whelping pads, heaters, or alternate flooring.

Whelping pads made from Veterinary Bedding (Fleece) are recommended for flooring.  The PVC whelping box sits directly on the oversize pad holding it in place and discouraging digging and clumping.  Excellent soft absorbent surface to comfort puppies while keeping them dry and providing outstanding grip for small paws.

An optional heat lampstand is available and mounts with the same hook and slot design.  Heat lamp of your choice can be clamped or mounted to the stand.

Comes with a lamp stand only. Other things like heat lamp, Oxygen concentrator etc. are bought different.


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